Aromatherapy DIY Kits 

Are you crafty? Like to create your own one-of-a-kind gifts or fun things for yourself 
but don't
 enjoy the hassle of searching and sourcing all the supplies? I've got you covered!

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About The Kits
Each kit is hand assembled by Heidi and includes supplies and instructions 
to create a variety of aromatherapy and essential oil infused products.
Plus there's a BONUS gift for you!

Seasonally Themed

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New to Oils?

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   Meet Heidi   

Hi There Friend!

A few things about me:

❊ Breast cancer survivor

❊  Cat lover
❊  Avid gardener, flowers & veggies
❊  Plant-based eater
❊  Entrepreneur
❊  Outdoor enthusiast
❊  Graphic designer

"Enjoy life, choose happiness, and be your best every day."

Heidi VanZandt

Lowville, NY 13367
Phone: 315-775-8292


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