Household Toxins and Your Health

Cleaning supplies and household products can cause numerous health conditions 
from minor things like throat or eye irritation and headaches all the way to major things like cancer
Learn how to create a  
natural, healthy home...
...quickly and easily! 

Meet Heidi

Hey there! I'm so glad you found me! I'm Heidi VanZandt, and I am grateful to be enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle, feeling great, and learning more about natural living every day.

I’m on a mission to empower breast cancer survivors to support their physical and mental well-being naturally to remain cancer free like me.

For me that looks like a plant-based diet, exercise, a toxin-free lifestyle, managing my mind, and self-care. I’m thriving due to natural living.

It took some time to get here though, and the road wasn’t easy…

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Heidi VanZandt

Lowville, NY 13367
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