Support Gut Health Naturally With Kombucha

The health of your gut has a direct correlation to your overall physical health. What you eat has a significant effect on gut health as does stress.

Kombucha is fermented tea. It helps promote a healthy gut. Kombucha contains good bacteria that your gut needs. It supports healthy digestion, is immune boosting, and helps detoxify the body by eliminating free radicals.


Self Care Tips and Practices Part 2

This is the second installment in a two part series on self care. If you missed the first one go ahead and read that first.

To successfully implement a new self care practice consider habit stacking. “Attach” the new activity to an existing habit. Complete a current established action and immediately follow it up with the new action.


Self Care Tips and Practices Part 1

What comes to mind when you hear the term self care?

Self care means focusing on and taking care of yourself; supporting your health and well-being so you can do what you want and need to do every day, and it allows you to help and care for others as well.

It’s kind of like the instructions flight attendants provide before take off. In case of emergency place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others with theirs.

There are many activities you can engage in to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Set time aside every day to to engage in self care.


The What, Why, and How of Wheatgrass Juice

Fresh wheatgrass juice is considered a living food. Living foods are those consumed in their natural state, meaning they are not cooked. Therefore they include fruits, vegetables, micro-greens, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. Also included are foods rich in pre and probiotics like kefir and miso.

Health advocates have long raved about the countless benefits of wheatgrass. It can be used as an everyday health tonic and may even help treat specific diseases.


Inspiration to Help You Be and Stay Healthy

The human body wants to be healthy and it can be given the proper conditions to do so. There are many factors that contribute to it getting off track and that result in dis-ease, or illness. With how complicated the body is, it amazes me that it doesn’t get off track more often.

There are many many ways you can support your health naturally. If at any point you find your body out of balance and in a state of sickness or dis-ease you may have more options to get it back in balance than you realize.

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