Why Massage Is Good For You

Massage can be a great addition to your wellness routine.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy is becoming more widely accepted in major hospitals and in daily medical practices as a form of pain management, relief, and integrative health care.


How to Manage and Alleviate Unwanted Stress

Stress is a natural occurrence. It’s impossible to eliminate but an overabundance can reek havoc on your physical and emotional health. Developing a natural method to relieve stress and manage it, as much as possible, is key to reaching and maintaining overall wellness.

Identify what the stressors are in your life. Is it work, family, health issues, money, or something else? Spend some time analyzing the things that make you feel anxious. Consider writing them down and reflecting on them.


Scents Affect Your Mood, Emotions and Memories

Scents can affect your mood, emotions, and memories. They are the fastest way to reach your mood center - which is through the limbic system of the brain.

Are there certain smells that bring back childhood memories, a past vacation or make you think of a particular person?

There is a great source for pure, natural scents to support your mood and emotions that’s simple and easy to use. That source is essential oils.


Why Making Lifestyle Changes Is Important

Have you tried to make positive lifestyle changes, create healthy habits, or modify behavior and then fallen back into old habits?

Have you survived a serious health scare and not known what to do to restore and maintain your health? Or do you hope to avoid serious illness and not know how to go about it or if there is anything you CAN do to prevent it.

Do you want to feel better and improve your physical and emotional well-being but struggle to do it on your own?


3 Techniques to Support Mind, Body and Emotions

Let's explore 3 alternative forms of therapy meant to support your mind, body, and emotions. They are EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique; AFT, Aroma Freedom Technique; and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

When it comes to natural health support these are just more tools to add to your toolbox.

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