"The groundwork of all happiness is health." — Leigh Hunt

Knowing what to do to be and stay healthy is hard. There are so many conflicting messages. Who and what should you believe?

Over the past 5+ years I have read, researched, and listened to a lot of doctors, leaders in integrative health care, and evidence based natural medicine. What they say and advocate for makes a whole lot of sense.

Here are some points to ponder:
  • The current health care system in the US is broken. It is really not about health care but sick care. It doesn’t promote an offensive approach to health but rather waits until you’re sick and then treats symptoms. Doctors don’t tell you what to do to promote good health.
  • No effort is made to figure out the root cause of illness and why you got sick in the first place.
  • Big pharma controls a lot. They drive much of what happens and many of the decisions related to sick care. They want people to just take pills to feel better. It’s in their best interest to have you sick. They make more money that way.
  • Most doctors are not trained in nutrition and many ailments are linked to food and diet.
The human body will be healthy and heal itself, when there is an issue, if given the opportunity. If you want to be healthy you have to make that decision and then follow through and do what’s required.

Be your own health advocate. Do your homework. Research and explore. You can most likely find everything you need to know on the internet.

If you get sick what kind of care do you want for yourself? Conventional medicine, integrative medicine, natural medicine, or a combination. Research your ailment. Review your options. Talk to as many providers as you want until one resonates with you. Don’t make a snap decision. Most times a week or two isn’t going to make a difference one way or the other. Take your time.

Don’t choose a treatment protocol just because it’s what everyone else does. Do what you believe is right for you. Believing is an important part of healing. Find a support group of like minded individuals who feel the same way you do especially if your family and friends don’t agree with the treatment path you’ve chosen.

Figure out why you got sick in the first place. Many factors that contribute to illness are simple. They may include: chronic stress, poor diet, not getting enough exercise or sleep, drinking too much alcohol, toxic relationships, or some type of environmental exposure. A naturopath, functional or integrative doctor can help but you may be able to determine a cause on your own by evaluating your actions and life.

To really determine what you are and aren’t doing to promote good health start keeping a journal. Carry it with you everywhere you go and write everything down. Review is once a week. I bet you’ll be surprised by trends you see. Tweak what you’re doing every day, a little at a time, until you’re engaging in actions that contribute to better physical and emotional health.

I’m here to provide help and support. Schedule a free 30 minute wellness consult. You don’t have to do this on your own. In fact, you’ll have better luck if you are accountable to someone. 
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