"The home should be the treasure chest of living.— Le Corbusier

Are you ready to “go the natural route” but have no clue what it really means or where to start? Let’s talk about how this “natural way of living” is supposed to work.

Before the development of modern medicine, people relied on nature. Throughout history, people experimented with plants and it led to the discovery of many powerful drugs that are still used today. Why get back to nature and not rely on modern technology?

Although beneficial at times, many things that exist in today’s world CAN expose you to toxins. Toxins are in products like shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, lotion, makeup, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc. Many of these are not regulated for safety and you, as the consumer, have no idea if they are safe or not.

When toxins accumulate in your body, you may start to experience symptoms of toxic overload such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, brain fog, skin issues, hormone disorders, and more.

Living a “natural lifestyle” is actually EASY once you know what to do.

It involves ditching the products and substances that present risks and replacing them with safer alternatives. This can have a huge impact on your health and well-being!

How do you know what needs to go? Some ingredients that pose a risk:
  • Formaldehyde - A preservative often found in lotion, cosmetics, and baby wipes.
  • Phthalates - A group of chemicals found in personal care products and many plastics and vinyls.
  • VOCs - Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases that are emitted into the air. They’re found in some building materials, home and personal products, gasoline, and even things like glue and permanent markers.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) - Surfactants commonly used as emulsifying cleaning agents in household cleaning products (laundry detergents, spray cleaners, and dishwasher detergents).
  • Ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, and TEA) - Found in many household and personal care products.
  • Triclosan - Found in many antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and detergents as well as some toothpastes, deodorants, cosmetics, plastics, and more. It was recently banned by the FDA for use in antiseptic washes but can still be found in some other products like toothpaste, cosmetics, and even clothing, kitchenware, furniture, and toys.
  • Fragrance - The term “fragrance,” or “parfum,” can indicate an enormous amount of ingredients that a company is not required to disclose, as it is considered a ‘trade secret.’ That means a product could include some awful ingredients and you wouldn’t even know!
(These are just a FEW of the ingredients you want to avoid having in your home.)

This list includes known carcinogens that cause skin, eye, nose, throat, and respiratory irritations, nausea, can affect the endocrine and thyroid systems, reproductive health, and even potentially cause cancer.

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To make ditching the toxins in your home less overwhelming tackle one room at a time or as you use a product up replace it with a safe alternative.

I realize when you’ve been using the same products for years it can be hard to switch to something new. But if those items contain toxic ingredients it’s time to make a change. Plus, cleaners and personal care products made with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients do work!

One important product to include in your natural living journey is essential oils! Essential oils are the concentrated liquids extracted from plants, herbs, and trees. They’re very potent and contain powerful health and wellness benefits. Use them for aromatherapy, personal care, or household solutions. They make an excellent replacement for room sprays, plug-ins, candles, and perfumes.

A great way to use them is diffusing. It vaporizes essential oils and emits them into the air so you can breathe them in. Diffusing helps purify the air, can enhance spiritual awareness, and activates regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind.

After my battle with cancer, I rid my house one item at a time and replaced each with a toxin free, plant based product from a trusted source. For me, it eliminated the guesswork and saved a lot of time and effort.

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