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A couple things you should know before we dive into how to use essential oils. First, sometimes when you use an essential oil it’s a one and done type of thing. Most times that’s not the case. More often than not, you might need to use an oil multiply times before you notice any changes.

Next, be aware that there’s no quality control when it comes to essential oils. Most are diluted with synthetic ingredients even though the label says “100% pure” or “therapeutic grade.” There’s no agency regulating or overseeing the labeling of essential oils so companies say whatever they choose. I’ve done the research and use a brand with a quality control GUARANTEE.

The 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

  • Inhale the scent directly from the bottle. Simply open the bottle and breath deeply.
  • Apply 1-3 drops of essential oil to the palms of your hands, gently rub them together, cup over your nose and breath in slowly. A technique called tenting.
  • Use an essential oil diffuser to disperse the essential oil molecules into the air in a micro-fine vapor.
Essential oils quickly reach the mood center of the brain through the limbic system and they are absorbed through blood vessels in the lungs and can circulate through your body within seconds.

  • Many essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, a method referred to as NEAT. Use caution if you have sensitive skin.
  • Other essential oils are considered “hot” and should be mixed with a carrier oil prior to topical application to prevent a burning sensation. The oil bottle should list the suggested dilution ratio.
  • As a precautionary measure, always skin test an essential oil before applying it topically. Everyone reacts differently, so apply an essential oil to a small area of skin first as a safety precaution.
When applied topically oil molecules pass through the skin and enter the blood stream and cells very quickly. The longer an essential oil is in contact with the skin the more likely it will be absorbed.

Essential oils work great when applied on vita flex points. I’ll share what they are and how it works in another blog article.

Some essential oils can be taken internally and used as dietary supplements. Not all essential oil companies make oils that can be taken internally. ONLY use oils that have been approved for ingestion.

  • Put drops of essential oils in an empty vegetable capsule and take them as a pill. Veggie capsules can be purchased at health food stores. Open the capsule, add 1-3 drops of essential oil then put in a few drops of olive, or coconut, oil and close back up.
  • Add a drop of essential oil to water, cold or tepid tea, juice, or other drink. Do not add the oil to extremely hot water as it will dilute its benefits. ALWAYS use a glass or stainless steel drinking vessel as essential oils can cause plastic to disintegrate.
  • Used in cooking and baking. Essential oils are very potent, a little goes a long way. Sometimes a toothpick dipped in the essential oil bottle then swirled in with the other ingredients in a recipe is enough.
What you are using the essential oil for very often determines which way you use it.

To learn more about how to use oils, which ones to use for what, the brand I use, or to place an order click the button below. I'm here to help!

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