This is a time for reflection. It’s natural when one year is ending and another is beginning to look back on and assess the old year and look forward to the year that’s about to start. Is that something you do every year or not?

Out With The Old

Let’s start with a look back. Go ahead and get a notebook or journal so you can write some things down.

  • What unexpected things happened in your life?

  • What brought you joy?

  • What challenges or struggles did you face?

  • What actions did you take to support your health?

  • What lessons did you learn?

  • What relationships did you foster?

  • What’s the most interesting thing you learned?

  • What would you do differently?

  • Other reflections

In With The New

Now look to the upcoming year.

  • What wellness goal do you really want to achieve?

  • Who are you going to connect with?

  • What random acts of kindness can you perform?

  • What excites you the most about next year?

  • What books do you plan to read?

  • What would you like to learn?

  • What new habit do you want to create?

  • What would make you the happiest?

  • Other

If you haven’t already, set time aside in the next couple of days to jot down some notes and make a list for 2021. Start planning things out. Bring a heightened sense of awareness to your life. Where are you now and where do you want to be?

If you’d like to see changes in your life in the new year you are the one that needs to make them happen. Be proactive. Be intentional. Changes and improvements are not going to magically happen on their own. Make a conscious decision to be in control of your life and well-being. Of course unexpected things are going to happen but you still should create a plan and pivot if/when necessary.

I’ll be here every week to guide, encourage, and support you on your wellness journey. I’ve been doing some planning myself and look forward to connecting with you more! To engage with me more than once a week follow me on social, Health & Vitality Zone on Facebook and Instagram.

Wishing you peace, joy and love in the New Year!

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