Leading Causes of Death Linked to Nutrition

Seven out of the ten leading causes of death in the U.S. have a strong link to nutrition. They are heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and kidney disease. The other three are accidents, influenza and suicide. 

Heart disease is the top killer in the U.S. Plaque, caused by fatty deposits that accumulate in the arteries, hardens over the years and eventually limits blood flow. To reduce plaque buildup reduce the amount of trans fats, saturated fats and dietary cholesterol you consume. Trans fats are found in meat, dairy and processed foods. Saturated fat comes from animal sources and is found in junk foods. Cholesterol is found in eggs and animal foods.

The American Medical Association, AMA, has recommended that meat and dairy be presented as optional, rather than required, in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is slated to release new dietary guidelines by the end of this year.

The AMA stated that dairy, processed meat, and red meat consumption have been strongly linked to prostate and colorectal cancers as well as cardiovascular risk, and noted that Black Americans are at particularly high risk for these diseases. The AMA letter states. “Dairy and meat products are promoted in federal nutrition policies even though they are not nutritionally required.”

Adopting a whole foods plant-based diet has been found to prevent or reverse all seven. Why not introduce or expand the healthy foods you eat and eliminate the ones that can make you sick? 

Eat a diet rich in whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, fruit, and green leafy vegetables. Avoid oil, fish, fowl, meat, dairy, and sugar.

It’s important that you know the effects the foods you eat can have on your health. YOU have the ability to take control of your health and wellness. It may mean a change in lifestyle but it’s worth it!

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