Quick + Healthy Plant-Based Dinners

Getting a healthy meal on the table can be a struggle especially when you’re in a hurry and didn’t plan ahead. Instead of ordering takeout, stopping at a fast food restaurant or eating cereal for dinner, I challenge you to whip up a quick, nutritious dinner. First, make sure you have your freezer and pantry properly stocked. After that it’ll be easy!

To create a quick salad, start by purchasing pre-washed packages of greens like lettuce blends, slaw, or spinach. Choose toppings like cherry or grape tomatoes, pre-sliced mushrooms, shredded carrots, pre-sliced beets, quartered artichoke hearts, sliced water chestnuts, canned garbanzo or black beans, olives, hummus, avocado or guacamole, nuts, seeds, or etc. 

You can add pretty much anything you want to a base of greens. What you choose to include will determine how filling your salad is so make sure you include protein such as legumes, seeds, or nuts.

Have a supply of frozen vegetable noodles like zucchini, carrots or butternut squash on hand. Top them with pasta sauce or frozen mixed vegetables with low sodium soy sauce and spices. Frozen mixed vegetables can also be used to make a simple stir fry. Serve it over a quick cooking grain like quinoa, a frozen riced vegetable, or fresh spiralized veggies.

Other quick, nutritious meals include grain bowls, burritos, wraps, low or no sodium soup, or pizza made on a frozen cauliflower crust.

The key is to have ingredients on hand so you don’t have to think too much about what to make. Just pull items out of the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry, decide what combination you want, and in about 15 minutes, volé dinner.

7 out of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States are linked to nutrition. Eat for your health today and every day!

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